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Low Flow Hose Reel Nozzles

  • Made from high tensile corrosion resistant alloy
  • 4 start fast acting thread
  • Customised quality anodising
  • Adjustable spray jet function
  • SNZ – 4503 & 4505 certified
  • Hard wear resistant rubber over-moulding

Fraser’s Low Flow Nozzles have a threaded connection end, and a range of ends that can be attached to the nozzle

Sizes available

  • Low Flow Nozzle x 3/4″ FBSP (P/N) 102-A-NZL10040
  • Low Flow Nozzle x 1″ FBSP (P/N) 102-A-NZL10045
  • Low Flow Nozzle x 1/2″ Hose Tail (P/N) 102-A-NZL10047
  • Low Flow Nozzle x 3/4″ Hose Tail (P/N) 102-A-NZL10048
  • Low Flow Nozzle x Snap Lock Hose Tail (Garden Hose Connection) (P/N) 102-A-NZL10085

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